Emergency auto glass repair

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Emergency auto glass repair

Although it is true that auto glass are toughened glass, they are not unbreakable and are susceptible to scratches and cracks.

Small auto glass cracks can develop when a stone or some such similar object hits the glass while you are driving or even when the vehicle is parked under a tree. You should never neglect small cracks as they can widen with passage of time. All scratches/cracks to windshield or window glasses must be repaired immediately. If you neglect small cracks, then you may be forced at a later date to replace the entire glass which will be very expensive.

There are several round-the-clock auto glass repair shops. If the crack is small and does not interfere with the vision of the driver, then you can drive the vehicle to the nearest 24 hours repair shop. In the event, the crack is sufficiently large or obstructs the vision of the driver you may have to repair the crack on your own.

You can never predict when an emergency glass repair will be needed. If you are suddenly confronted with a windshield crack while on a vehicle journey, E8000 glue will stop the crack from spreading. This glue is available in most hardware shops. This is something like a first aid treatment.

Place the glue on the inside of the wind shield, cover with a little clear plastic strip available with outfitters. Make sure to not get this glue on your skin as it is harmful. There are also ‘Do It Yourself’ windshield crack repair kits available in the market.

If the crack is fairly large and it is not feasible to repair it, you will have no choice but to replace it. There are competent auto glass technicians who will replace the entire windshield/window glass and make the glass look absolutely original. You can protect your auto glass from scratches/cracks, by applying protective solutions to the existing or new glass.

When your auto glass develops a sudden crack, do not immediately press the panic button and order the glass replacement. Quite often than not, auto glasses can be repaired. Go to a highly reliable auto glass repairer that will repair the glass instead of straightaway replacing it.

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Dodge Pickup 1500 Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Very satisfied, came the day they said they would , carefully worked together, took the time the job required which was approx. an hour or so , thanked us and left. The price was also appropriate. Would call again and refer them to others. Thank you , the Dreessen's! 2003 Dodge Pickup 1500 | 2 Door Standard Cab


2020-03-17 – Jackson, NJ
Mazda 5 Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

They were great people with great skills. 2012 Mazda 5 | Mini Van


2020-03-14 – Parsippany, NJ
Toyota Corolla Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Very pleased with the work and the installer was very professional. 2015 Toyota Corolla | 4 Door Sedan

Enrica S.

2020-03-08 – Eatontown, NJ
Nissan Altima Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Fast efficient and friendly!! 2012 Nissan Altima | 4 Door Sedan

terrence B.

2020-03-05 – Newark, NJ
Ford Escape Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Excellent service , and best price. 2017 Ford Escape | 4 Door Utility


2020-03-03 – Point Pleasant Beach, NJ