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Vandalism Safety Tips

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Which glass is damaged?

Vandalism Safety Tips

Roadside accidents and extreme cold weather conditions can cause the windshield and other auto glass parts to develop cracks or even get shattered completely.

These factors apart, vehicle windshields and window glasses get damaged because of vandalism. Though the auto windshields are made of toughened glass, still they are prone to cracks and breakages.

Here are some useful vandalism safety tips:

  • Contact the nearest police station to ascertain if a vandalism report needs to be submitted
  • Contact a reliable auto glass repair agency to get your glass repaired or replaced as the case may be.
  • Contact your auto insurance company to consult them about repair expenses claim
  • If your wallet from inside the card is missing, immediately alert your bank to cancel credit cards and/or checks
  • If your vehicle keys are stolen, get a duplicate key done through a key maker.
  • If your cell phone from inside the car is missing, alert your service provider
  • If your credit cards are missing, file a fraud report with all three credit agencies

You must take suitable measures to prevent vandalism. Keep all valuables out of sight, as they could tempt people prone to vandalism. Do not leave important documents inside the vehicle when it is parked in unsafe areas.

Make photo copies of your driver's license, bank and credit card(s), passport and other valuable documents and store them in a safe place at home

Make it a point to park your vehicle in well-lit safe areas. Make sure to lock all your vehicle doors and luggage boot.

Inform your local law enforcement agency if you have to park your car in a public place for long periods of time. If you have a driveway or a garage, set up a security alarm.

If your garage is detached from your home, provide lighting between your home and the garage. Alternately, if you have only on-street parking, make sure your car is near a streetlight or other source of light that burns night long.

Invest in a car cover even if it is a bit expensive. A full sized car cover can deter people habituated to vandalism. Install a steering wheel locking device. This will prevent people from driving away your car.

Vehicle vandalism can be a costly affair. Most comprehensive insurance policies cover damage due to vandalism. But prevention is better than cure. Take all possible steps to prevent vandalism occurring in the first place.