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Get More Auto Glass Customers.

High-Quality Auto Glass Referrals

Without Having to Step Away from Your Shop

If your web presence isn't outstanding, you're losing thousands of dollars in auto glass jobs. Skip the complicated, costly marketing tactics. Join Glass.Net instead for the best referrals.

Benefits of Joining Glass.Net

Effortless Auto Glass Leads

We bring you consistent, serious auto glass leads—while you continue on with your day. These customers already know your price, meaning there is no price barrier. And there's no need to deal with marketing, because we take care of it.


Zero Upfront Investment

Joining Glass.Net requires no money down. You don't shell out a single dollar to get going, and you only pay a small fee after an auto glass referral is sent to you. Would you rather make $0.00, or make $80 on a windshield replacement?


Auto glass shops that use Glass.Net…

  • close 80%+ of the jobs we send them
  • get new customers in 48 hours or less
  • have a better marketing ROI than others
  • fill their empty appointment slots
  • don't waste hourly workers' wages

Glass.Net Vs. Other Marketing Methods

PPC is Risky & Expensive

  • Pay at least $50 in ads to get 1 phone call inquiry—if you're a beginner, it's worse.
  • Vulnerable to click-fraud (competitors can click on your ad in an effort to “up” your costs)
  • Deal with bidding wars
  • Unpredictable costs that fluctuate
  • Pay even if you don't get any sales
  • Need a professional website

SEO is Slow & Expensive

  • Steady long-term commitment
  • $500 to $1,500 per month for an expert to handle it for you
  • Spend $5,000 before seeing a single job from SEO
  • Need a professional website

Glass.Net is Fast & Risk-Free

  • No upfront cost
  • Only receive serious inquiries
  • Get more customers in less than 48 hours
  • No long-term commitment or contract
  • Spend less time at the computer
  • Lack of marketing expertise & budget doesn't control your success
  • Pay a small fee after we send you a referral
  • 50% of the cost of PPC to get a phone call ($27.95 vs. $50)
  • More profit in your pocket

How it Works

Step 1

Tell our team about your shop, contact details, vehicles you service, zip codes you operate in and service costs.

Step 2

A prospect enters their car year, make & model, glass details and contact info at Glass.Net.

Step 3

If there's a match, your quote appears with your contact information. Your quote might appear next to a small handful of other auto glass shops in the area.

Step 4

The prospect calls you.

Step 5

You book them in and do the job. That's it!

Auto glass technician replacing windshield

Featured Clients

Before Glass.Net

James had high advertising costs and 2-5 empty appointment slots each day. Marketing was distracting and stressful.

With Glass.Net

James now provides auto glass services for 50-60 cars per week without using costly, stressful marketing tactics.


James - Accuracy Auto Glass

Before Glass.Net

Robert needed more auto glass jobs to fill the gaps in his schedule. He wanted a sustainable solution to grow his business.

With Glass.Net

Robert gets 25-30 jobs per week and closes 95% of the jobs we send him. Overall, his business has increased by 75%.


Robert - Center City Glass

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