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Repairing Your Windshield Just Got Easier

It’s likely you’ve arrived here due to some irritating event that resulted in the need for windshield repair. If you feel that yet another task has been added to your to-do list when you’re already short on time and money, you’re not alone.

Damaged or broken windshields are one of the most common causes for automotive repair visits in the world. While no one wants to go through the windshield repair process, makes an inconvenient situation more manageable.

Here’s how we make the repair of a windshield a pain-free process:

Fast & Easy Windshield Repair Search

We simplify your search for windshield repair by partnering with the most expansive network of auto glass shops and putting them at your fingertips.

With our efficient quote comparison tool, you get up to three free quotes from reputable local repair technicians. Essentially, we do the leg work for you by narrowing down your options with the top three most affordable prices for the job at hand, from only the best-rated repair companies in your local area that are licensed and qualified.

Get 24-Hour Windshield Repair Service

Many of the businesses that partner with us can fix a windshield within 24 hours of selecting their service.

When you use our tool to estimate auto glass repair cost, we will present you with multiple quotes. Most of the time, you will see that you can get speedy service. After all, who can afford to do without their car for longer than a day, especially if you live outside of a big city and your livelihood depends on it?

Get Auto Windshield Repair at Home or Work

Furthermore, partners with mobile windshield repair services. This means that technicians can come to you at home or at your workplace for repairing your windshield damage, as long as you’re parked in an area where your windshield is covered and no moisture has crept in.

This allows you to carry on with your day without further disruption. This is another way we save you time and minimize the hassle.

High-Quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Auto Glass

We require that the providers we partner with must use the original type of glass that your manufacturer designates for your specific vehicle when fixing your broken or shattered windshield.

This ensures that the glass put on your vehicle is of the best quality and won’t compromise the integrity of your car, SUV, or truck in any way.

Types of Windshield Repair Provided by Our Partners

At, the automotive specialists we partner with can provide you with the following types of front or back windshield repair services. Click on the links below to learn more about that specific type of damage and service.

Does My Windshield Need Repair or Replacement?

Here are the factors that determine whether or not your car auto glass can be fixed with a simple windshield repair as opposed to a full-on windshield replacement:

Size of the Damage

While advancements in the windshield repair industry make it feasible to repair substantial windshield chips or cracks, generally windshields with cracks smaller than a quarter will qualify for a repair job.

Cracks that are less than three inches long also typically qualify for windshield repair instead of replacement.

You will need to check with the specific repair shop you choose.

Depth of the Damage

How deeply a crack or chip penetrates your windshield will also determine if your glass can be simply repaired. Since windshields are made of layers, the depth of damage can affect the amount of work that needs to go into fixing it.

If the broken glass reaches the middle layer of the windshield, it might be too far gone to get away with just a repair.

Location of the Damage

If the windshield chip or crack is in the driver’s line of sight, a mere windshield repair could slightly distort your perception of the road or the vehicles in front of you. This would make it necessary to get a complete replacement.

It’s also a possibility that a repair shop will require you to replace your entire windshield if the chip or crack is located on the outer edge of your auto glass (left or right side).

What’s more, if the damage is located in a spot where a sensor or other windshield technology is located, a complete replacement might also be required. Modern windshield technology often needs a clear view to operate properly.

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