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Which glass is damaged? FAQ partners with quality auto glass shops across the nation so if you have been conducting searches for auto glass replacement near me, look no more. These shops upload their pricing and profile information into our system, and are matched automatically to your location and vehicle information when you fill out our easy form to get an instant online quote comparison. Click here to find out how works in more detail here. You can call any of the shops to schedule or for more information, or submit an online service request which allows the shop you’ve chosen to contact you to schedule an appointment.

The quotes on are just estimates until you speak with a representative of the glass shop you’re choosing. There are so many options on vehicles these days, as many as 20 or more for some windshields and back windshields/back glass, that sometimes the prices may not be accurate for your specific vehicle. Click here to find out more about windshield options. It’s best if you submit your information or call the shop directly to ensure you receive a finalized quote. The auto glass shop will walk you through the process of correctly identifying your windshield options.

It depends on the shop. Many do offer windshield repair, so talk to your chosen auto glass shop about this option. Insurance companies suggest that your windshield be replaced if the damage is in the direct line of view of the driver, or if it is larger than 6 inches, or about the size of a dollar bill. Click here to discover the difference between windshield repair and replacement shops usually use what’s known as “OEM distributor” glass. This means that your new glass will be made to the same specifications as originally installed by the factory, with the exception of the dealer’s logo–which OEM distributor glass doesn’t have. Click here to find out which auto glass type is right for you

Likely, no. To fully warranty the auto glass and the installation, an auto glass shop must receive the glass directly from a trusted auto glass manufacturer or distributor.

Some shops are willing to sell you just the glass, but most are not. For safety, quality, and warranty reasons, it is recommended that a professional auto glass technician install your auto glass. And since provides quotes from auto glass replacement shops rather than auto glass distributors, most shops won’t sell just the glass. Ask your chosen shop, but don’t be surprised when the answer is a courteous "no."

Mobile auto glass replacement is one of those trades where a technician often encounters unexpected situations, As a mobile installer travels from vehicle to vehicle, he sometimes discovers that a customer neglected to tell his company something about their auto glass, and the glass he’s brought doesn’t work. Sometimes certain vehicles are constructed so it’s very difficult to replace their auto glass (for example, any experienced auto glass installer can tell you at length about the difficulties with the Toyota FJ Cruiser windshield or the Honda Ridgeline rear window). Or there is damage to the vehicle’s frame that supports the windshield, and extra preparation is required. Sometimes a customer calls and cancels as the installer is on his way to the house. That’s why almost every auto glass company gives you a four-hour window of time when they’ll show up. It’s about as precise as scheduling gets for mobile auto glass.

A good auto glass installer spends the time to provide a safe installation. Sometimes he needs to take a little extra time. If your vehicle is in good condition, your car window repair work should take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle. Then you’ll need to wait until the urethane bonding the windshield has set, which could be another few hours. Click here to learn more about how a windshield replacement is performed. Door glass replacements take 30-45 minutes, and you can drive your car immediately afterward, as there is no urethane involved. Back windshields and non-door side glass (except for trucks with liftgates, where the glass comes with the frame attached and simply bolts on) have to cure just like a windshield, but the cure time is much shorter.

Usually a back glass replacement doesn't require the urethane to setup after completing the installation. This allows you to get back on the road immediately following the work to your rear window. Average costs for a new piece of back glass is about $200 and up. You can expect installation to take between 30 to 60 minutes--similar to a windshield replacement.