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Why Repair a Windshield Chip

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Why Repair a Windshield Chip

Windshield chip repair, if carried out promptly, prevents further windshield damage. It will also leave the factory seal around the glass intact. Timely windshield chip repair can save you from a much costlier windshield replacement service.

Never ignore or neglect a chipped windshield as that could develop a crack at any time - and quite often at some inconvenient hour when you least expect it. Thus it is absolutely necessary that you repair a windshield chip as soon as you notice it.

The windshield chip repair process is simple and may not take more than 30 minutes to complete and the structural integrity of the windshield will be retained.

  1. A trained and reliable technician will inspect your windshield chip damage for stability and decide if repair is feasible
  2. He will provide protective drapes on your vehicle to prevent vehicle paint damage
  3. The next step would be to vacuum any debris or moisture from out of the chip
  4. Introduce a specially designed resin and fill the chip
  5. Seal the damage and solidify the resin using an ultra-violet light
  6. Eliminate any excess resin and ensure a flat, flush surface

Please be aware that many vehicle insurance companies cover windshield repair at 100% coverage without client deductible.

Most reliable auto glass technicians first try to repair a chipped windscreen before straightaway suggesting replacement. This will save you both money and time.

There are also some leading auto glass repair shops that undertake free windscreen chip repairs. If your windscreen chip repair is done free of cost- it will not affect your no claims bonus with insurance companies.

There are also several ‘Do it yourself’ repair kits available in the market and you can carry out the repairs without any outside professional help.

Some years back a windshield chip or crack meant replacement. But today technology has sufficiently advanced to make it feasible to repair windshield chips and cracks and even the process does not take much time and is quite inexpensive.

There are some auto glass repair shops that use a special technique to repair cracks up to 12 inches long. So it is worthwhile to check with a reliable technician before committing to a new windshield.

But even the most advanced glass repair technologies have their limitations. So, if your windshield is severely damaged, replacing with new glass may still be advisable.