Is AGRSS Right for Your Business?

AGRSS Sales Pitch

Being an AGRSS registered auto glass company or having certified auto glass technicians should be a significant part of your sales pitch to a customer. Certifications are important–not only to show that your business or technician is accredited, but also that you adhere to the safety standards that are currently in place.

Promote Safety and Quality

Now, auto glass shops have an additional resource to get a return on the decision to invest in safety and quality., the leading online auto glass website, has developed additional ways of promoting auto glass shops' commitment to doing the right thing. Auto glass shops get qualified Internet customers from Shops create an online profile that customers compare with other shops' profiles. Customers can view whether or not a shop provides mobile service, warranties their work or if they have NGA certified technicians or if they are AGRSS registered.

Technician certification and AGRSS registration are becoming more and more common. It is the right thing to do to be compliant with industry–wide safety and quality standards. Shops who are not compliant are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

AGRSS–A Position of Strength

By investing in quality and safety auto glass shops will put themselves in a position of strength relative to the competition. By using a service like to promote their focus on safety and quality glass shops will cash in on that investment.

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