Your Customers Don't Want Auto Glass

It's very seldom that a customer looks forward to the prospect of windshield repair or auto glass replacement.

Rock chips, vandalism, and unforeseen accidents are not incidents that people often consider in their day–to–day lives, so when they happen, customers usually aren't too happy about it. Suddenly, they have an unexpected expense, the potential nightmare of informing their insurance companies, several calls to make to find the best price, and the hassle of finding time to schedule an auto glass replacement. In today's fast paced world, no one has time for this. Windshield replacement isn't a recreational activity, a planned event, or even a maintenance issue that people plan for–it's one more thing they have to deal with. offers an easy Internet interface for you to present the information consumers need to chose your shop making a difficult choice easier for the consumers.

Answer every call you take like it's the first of the day.

Most customers are polite and are simply trying to meet the need of scheduling their auto glass replacement as quickly and efficiently as possible. Answering a constantly ringing phone to give windshield replacement quotes can be very monotonous and even frustrating, especially in the middle of a busy auto glass shop, but it's very important that your customer never knows it. It's important to sound friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly calm. If you sound hurried, frustrated, or impatient, the customer will not respond well, and you will most likely lose the sale. It's also important to never let the customer rattle you. We've all dealt with a difficult customer and to many people it's incredibly difficult to maintain a positive, polite attitude in that particular situation. However, it's crucial to treat all customers with a polite and friendly disposition, no matter how they treat you. Keep in mind what the customer has probably gone through to get to that point.

Listen like your life depends on it.

It's a fact of life in this industry–most phone calls are painfully the same. Everyone in the auto glass industry has experienced the quote call. Day in, day out, the same routine–it's very easy to slide into autopilot-mode. No matter how boring a call may be, or how busy you are, if you answer the phone, make sure to listen to your customers like they are your best friend. Every customer needs to know that their business matters and actively listening is a very important and successful way to accomplish that.

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