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Chapter 6

Rental Cars

Person with car insurance

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What are Limits and Deductibles?

Limits refer to how much the insurance policy (either your own or the rental cars insurance policy) are willing to pay for certain things (e.g., $10,000 for any property damage and $20,000 for physical injuries.) The deductible refers to how much you need to pay before the insurance company gives you anything. So, if you damage a rental car and the repair cost is $240 and you have a $500 deductible, you will be filing a claim and documenting that you paid $240 to fix it, but you will not receive any type of financial consideration. This is one of the least fun math problems ever.

Credit Card Coverage

Does your credit card company or insurance company provide rental car coverage? Possibly.

The major ones (e.g., Mastercard and Visa) might cover towing, theft or damage to the actual rental car, but not property damage or any kind of injury (including another person's car.) In other words, it's a nice safety net but you may not want to rely on it 100%.