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Why Windshield Chip Repair Should Be Done Immediately

It’s imperative that you get windshield chip repair as soon as you notice a chip in your auto glass. But why?

If you postpone repairing a windshield chip, it can turn into a large crack that spreads over your entire auto windshield, especially during extreme cold weather conditions. In addition, the small cracks can accumulate dust over time and make repairs even more difficult.

Windshield Chip Repair

How Does Windshield Chip Repair Work?

Have you ever wondered how windshield chip repair works? It often piques the curiosity of automobile owners. Many people wonder how a windshield chip can possibly be repaired without needing to get a whole new windshield installed.

Well, it's a well-known fact that car windshields - even though made of toughened glass – are vulnerable to chips and cracks. A windshield can get damaged from a simple stray stone or when a similar object strikes it--such as hail from a storm.

Thankfully, due to advancements in modern glass technology, chips to auto windshields can be fixed easily by a service technician. Today, several solutions exist in the market for repairing auto windshields based on PRISM (pre-resin injection suspension method). This repair process will take less than an hour even for large chips on windshields. The experts use a similar process for performing repairs on customers’ damaged front or back windshields (otherwise known as rear windows).

A windshield chip repair can technically be performed by the vehicle owner without outside professional help. There are several 'do it yourself' kits available in the market. These kits usually contain a resin compound that is used as filler, along with injectors that will fill the crack with the resin.

Such DIY solutions usually come with a user manual and an instructional video.

However, we recommend you leave it to the experts who are experienced in windshield replacement for every type of car, truck and SUV. You can find local specialists easily through while getting up to 5 free quotes from them for your specific vehicle.

Why Get Professional Windshield Chip Repair Service?

Here’s why you should get professional windshield chip repair service versus buying your own kit:

1. Your Insurance Might Cover the Cost of Windshield Chip Repair

If you have comprehensive auto insurance, your insurance company might cover the cost of replacing your windshield chips. You’re already paying for comprehensive auto insurance, so why not let your insurance company take care of it? They will just require you to pay your deductible, and then the rest of the cost of windshield chip repair might be covered completely.

Depending on the state you live in, they might pay for an entire replacement if required by state law.

In fact, there are also insurance companies that waive the client's deductible should the owner opt for chip repair instead of total replacement.

2. Professionals Can Guarantee the Windshield Chip Repair

If you choose to have a professional repair your windshield chips, it’s a safer bet financially than if you choose to do it yourself.

Many--but not all—auto glass repair shops will guarantee the windshield chip repair. This means if your windshield is fixed by a shop that does so, you might be able to receive a free follow-up service if the chip repair doesn’t work.

3. Auto Shops on Only Use OEM Glass

When you use to find an auto glass repair shop that will fix your windshield chip for cheap, you can rest assured that they only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass.

They will also keep the integrity of the original manufacturer’s seal. Professional windshield chip repair shops leave the original manufacturer’s seal around the glass intact.

Auto safety standards stipulate that a motorized automobile must have a windshield that will not affect the driver's ability to steer safely. A qualified professional found via will make sure that this applies when they repair your car glass.

4. Your Windshield Might Have a Warranty for Free Replacement

Another reason we suggest finding a technician who does windshield chip repair near you is because more and more windshields tend to have a warranty for a limited period. This means they can sometimes even be replaced free or charge if they are broken. We recommend you check with your vehicle dealer for more information.

How to Find Windshield Chip Repair Shops Near You

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