2008 Customer Choice Auto Glass Awards

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Winners Speak on Customer Service...

You don't stay in business since 1963 without taking care of your customers...
Mike at Union Union Auto Glass

Honestly, put the customer first...
Tony at T & N Auto Glass

When I built this company everyone wanted Sterling Auto Glass because I did the work myself. They were looking for an owner-operator-installer for their auto glass needs.
Jim at Sterling Auto Glass

When you look at the reviews I fight for the customer and not the insurance company. I always try to provide the best. Every dollar spent is a dollar well spent.
Jim at Pro Glass Restoration

I treat everyone as if they are a friend or family member and greet them with a handshake before the job.
Mike at Patriot Auto Glass

I also answer my phone 24/7, plus since we are a local shop we have a more personal touch.
Eric at IAS Autoglass Solutions Inc.

I try to treat others as I want to be treated, from the first contact to the end of the job.
Tony at Good Shepherd Auto Glass Inc.

...There are plenty of chances not to be honest, but you should treat everyone right.
Ellis at E.R. Mobile Glass

We are trying to take care of our customers and give them the best possible service, products and time frame.
Troy from American Auto Glass

Customer Choice Award Logo

Your Choice, Your Awards

Glass.net considers our customers' opinions to be a vital part of business. That is why we are announcing the Customer Choice Auto Glass Award winners to raise awareness for high-quality auto glass replacement and to highlight Glass.net shops with exemplary service. In 2008, this award is given to the top 10 Glass.net partner auto glass shops based on over 2,500 customer reviews.

Auto Glass Ratings

Each customer of Glass.net has the opportunity to rate their auto glass installer in four categories of service: promptness, professionalism, trustworthiness, and quality. The ratings are then compiled and uploaded to Glass.net, forming each shop's rating. To qualify, a shop must have been a member of Glass.net beginning on or before October 1, 2008 and rank in the top 10 for average shop rating in 2008.

Customer Choice Winners

Customer Choice Award winners receive a glass grand diamond award and are featured on the winner's page with detailed information about their shop complete with a map, logo, and a personal interview. View Award Winners

Questions About the Awards?

How can I let others know I won the Customer Choice Auto Glass Award?

Glass.net gives its partner shops the option of downloading an image or badge to display on your website, providing a visual to your customers that your service is exemplary. Additionally you can point your customers to press releases Glass.net has generated for the awards and your auto glass shop.

Why did a shop with a 100% recommended rating not finish in the top 10?

Each testimonial includes the rating a customer gives the auto glass shop plus if the customer would recommend that shop to others. The Customer Choice Award is based on the customer rating and does not take into account if a customer would recommend the auto glass shop.

Who is Glass.net?

Glass.net is a web-based company that gives auto glass shoppers the necessary tools and information to confidently purchase auto glass from local auto glass shops. Instant quotes are available which compare each shop's price, service rating, and auto glass replacement options. Glass.net, started in 2006, was the first website of its kind on the Internet and its popularity has spawned many similar websites nationwide. Glass.net is headquartered in Walla Walla, Washington. Read what award winners are saying about Glass.net.

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