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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

(We reprint these reviews as we received them–typos, caps, and all.)
Lincoln MKZ Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Good service, reasonable price. 2013 Lincoln MKZ | 4 Door Sedan

Remon I.

2017-01-27 – Torrance, CA
Chrysler PT Cruiser Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Awesome service! 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser | 4 Door Hatchback

Tatiana V.

2016-10-20 – Torrance, CA
Nissan Pathfinder Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

I had a great experience with Mario. He was on time and completed the job in 30-40 minutes. He was polite and respectful to all the questions that I asked him. 2002 Nissan Pathfinder | 4 Door Utility

Derek kim

2016-08-26 – Torrance, CA
Mercedes Benz E350 Windshield Replacement
2 5 1

My wipers were stuck/locked and did not work. I noticed this immediately and said something to him which he denied having anything to do with although he did have to move them to remove the windshield. If not for the fact that I was trading in the car, I would have made this a real issue. Also, the installer scraped the edge of the hood of the car, which could be soon only by sitting in the driver and never mentioned it. I suggest checking wipers before they begin and after with the installer as well as reviewing paint and body around the areas where the installer will be working, The actual windshield was good. 2008 Mercedes Benz E350 | 4 Door Sedan

Anthony B.

2016-07-17 – Torrance, CA
Ford Explorer Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Excellent 2002 Ford Explorer | 4 Door Utility

Simon B.

2013-07-08 – Torrance, CA
Honda Accord Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

reasonable price and good quality and service 2005 Honda Accord | 4 Door Sedan


2011-11-13 – Torrance, CA
Nissan Frontier Pickup Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Excellent service, very professional, and honest people. Highly recommend them to every one. 1999 Nissan Frontier Pickup | 2 Door Standard Cab

joe r.

2011-07-15 – Torrance, CA
Toyota Prius Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

The installer was great and very professional ... however, the glass has noticeable distorations. It is clearly not as good as the OEM glass. 2005 Toyota Prius | 4 Door Hatchback

David M.

2009-11-02 – Torrance, CA
Scion XB Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Very impressed with the response time. They basically came out the same day I was contacted. Quality of work was outstanding and the price was unbeatable (and I did a lot of comparisons). 2008 Scion XB | 4 Door Utility

Si Jung L.

2008-10-29 – Torrance, CA
Chevrolet Tahoe Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

only one issue: When requesting service, dispatch or whomever was taking the order didn't write down the logistics of getting to my location. I tried to provide the details required. As a result, the technician wasted an hour trying to find me. 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe | 4 Door Utility

Mark Y.

2008-01-23 – Torrance, CA