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(We reprint these reviews as we received them – typos, caps, and all.)

Saturn SC2 Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

2001 Saturn SC2 | 2 Door Coupe

“I had scheduled for Monday morning because I had afternoon meetings. When my installer called to say he was guesstimating an arrival of between 11 and 2, I reiterated that I had specified morning time and that anytime after 12 wouldn't work so well for my schedule. I think at that point he got very irked. He showed up at 11 in the end, which I really appreciated, though he made sure to tell me that he had blown off two other people to service my car. I don't know where the miscommunication occurred, and I can understand his frustration if he was intially told different, but if he WAS told the morning and simply couldn't swing it, then I would've rather just been told to reschedule for another morning then have a guilt trip layed on me. All in all I am VERY pleased with my new windshield, and that I didnt have to take my car somewhere to get it serviced- it was VERY convenient!!”

Kirsten G.

2007-03-22 – Vienna, VA