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Customer Reviews

(We reprint these reviews as we received them – typos, caps, and all.)

Saturn SC2 Windshield Replacement
3 5 1

2002 Saturn SC2 | 2 Door Coupe

“When I used glass.net I didn't get a response from Safety Auto Glass. I went to Safety Auto Glass's website myself and contacted them and was able to schedule a time to get my windshield replaced. The guy called me Monday evening to set up something for Tuesday, talked about maybe 2PM or possibly noon but nothing was ever schedule, then said he'd call me early in the morning to arrange a good time for his company and myself. The next morning I got a call at 930 while I was still asleep from the installer telling me that he was outside. I was glad to get this done, but would have liked to know what time they guys were coming. I was surprised they came without notice.”

Samantha G.

2007-07-25 – Northridge, CA
Saturn SC2 Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

2001 Saturn SC2 | 2 Door Coupe

“I had scheduled for Monday morning because I had afternoon meetings. When my installer called to say he was guesstimating an arrival of between 11 and 2, I reiterated that I had specified morning time and that anytime after 12 wouldn't work so well for my schedule. I think at that point he got very irked. He showed up at 11 in the end, which I really appreciated, though he made sure to tell me that he had blown off two other people to service my car. I don't know where the miscommunication occurred, and I can understand his frustration if he was intially told different, but if he WAS told the morning and simply couldn't swing it, then I would've rather just been told to reschedule for another morning then have a guilt trip layed on me. All in all I am VERY pleased with my new windshield, and that I didnt have to take my car somewhere to get it serviced- it was VERY convenient!!”

Kirsten G.

2007-03-22 – Vienna, VA