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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

(We reprint these reviews as we received them–typos, caps, and all.)
Volkswagen Eurovan Windshield Replacement
2 5 1

The work was delayed due to rain yet I was billed for the entire job. The technician said the work would be competed Monday but I’m not comfortable with my credit card being charged for a job not competed. 2002 Volkswagen Eurovan | Mini Van

Allen B.

2020-01-04 – Virginia Beach, VA
Ford Explorer Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Great job. 2017 Ford Explorer | 4 Door Utility


2018-05-02 – Virginia Beach, VA
Ford Escort Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Great service. I had a question about my bill. They e-mailed me back and told in detail what all the charges were. PLUS...The windshield looks fantastic 1998 Ford Escort | 4 Door Station Wagon


2018-02-14 – Virginia Beach, VA
Toyota RAV4 Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Service went as promised. Timely and efficient. Thanks. 2013 Toyota RAV4 | 4 Door Utility


2017-12-21 – Virginia Beach, VA
Ford Explorer Windshield Replacement
3 5 1

I'm really impressed with the service I received from Glass America! The Tech that came out was professional. Talked me through the process of the glass he was replacing on my drivers side door. Took care of the door panel as he took it apart. Excellent job as far as the window replacement goes. Upset with the way electronic switches and door lock/unlock console was put back together. Plastic tabs that secure the switch console were broke off. Not only is the console loose, my lock/unlock switch gets stuck in what ever position you push the tab. It sticks and does not stay in the position it did before my window was replaced! Didn't mention it to me or point out the tabs on console broke off or that my switch now gets stuck!!! 2002 Ford Explorer | 4 Door Utility


2017-05-06 – Virginia Beach, VA
Toyota Prius Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

I would not hesitate to use Glass.Net again. Prices were comparable and the best part is, they came to my house 2013 Toyota Prius | 4 Door Hatchback

John B.

2015-10-05 – Virginia Beach, VA
Toyota Tacoma Pickup Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

Execellent job, would recommend to others 2002 Toyota Tacoma Pickup | 2 Door Standard Cab

ray r.

2011-11-15 – Virginia Beach, VA
Nissan Altima Windshield Replacement
3 5 1

Hampton Roads is a predominately MILITARY town. As such, most of our windshields display a military sticker. It boggles my mind that a shop that replaces windshields for a living wouldn't have the presence of mind to PAY ATTENTION TO THAT FACT! Immediately upon getting our automobile home, we realized the stickers were unaccounted for. We called the shop and told them our son was on his way back to retrieve them. The time span was maybe 45 minutes. Our son entered the business and was told the stickers were in shreds, to which he said "That's OK, we'll take them anyway to turn in as proof to the base security." A few minutes later, they changed their story to the windshield was at the bottom of the dumpster and impossible to retrieve." So, not only were they inattentive to removing the stickers, they misled us as to their status! The car belongs to our daughter, and she is deployed for 7 months but our son uses her car to access the base gym. This will be a huge hassle getting new stickers on her auto. 1999 Nissan Altima | 4 Door Sedan

Charles F.

2011-08-30 – Virginia Beach, VA
Toyota 4Runner Windshield Replacement
5 5 1

No air in shop 2001 Toyota 4Runner | 4 Door Utility

Anne V.

2011-07-24 – Virginia Beach, VA
Nissan Maxima Windshield Replacement
4 5 1

Glassnet repaired the windshield on my 2007 Nissan Maxima. I called one day and they could accommodate me the same day but I chose to wait until the next day. The technician was very nice and friendly and informative. I felt very comfortable with him working on my vehicle. All in all it was a great experience and I am happy with the finished product. A.G. Virginia Beach, VA 2007 Nissan Maxima | 4 Door Sedan

Ayesha G.

2011-07-21 – Virginia Beach, VA