windshield replacement companies that come to you

Are you looking for windshield replacement companies that come to you? That’s a smart choice!

After all, why would you want to sit around at an auto body shop waiting for them to replace your glass when you could be working, relaxing at home or running errands? In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know about getting mobile windshield replacement at home or at work so that you know what to expect.

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Why Use Windshield Replacement Companies that Come to You

Windshield replacement companies that come to you are a great option for busy people.

Instead of visiting an auto glass replacement shop, they come to you at home or at work. Your vehicle probably remains stationary for several hours per day in a parking lot while you’re at home or at the office. Doesn’t it?

For those who are productivity enthusiasts, companies that offer mobile windshield replacement will seem like a dream come true.

That being said, there’s no better option for convenient windshield replacement service! And best of all, there’s no need for you to worry about shifting around your already jam-packed calendar.

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All you need to do is:

  1. Enter your zip code
  2. Select the vehicle year, make & model

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FAQs About Windshield Replacement Companies that Come to You

Do I need to be present?

If you request a mobile windshield replacement service while you’re at home or at work, you don’t need to be present. Instead, you can follow these steps:

  1. Leave a note with the parking lot attendant authorizing the work to be done.
  2. Include a signature at the bottom of the note.
  3. Leave the car key with the note, or otherwise leave one of the car doors unlocked.
  4. Call your technician to let them know you won’t be present.

That’s all! You’re free to focus on your work or rest comfortably at home while your windshield replacement takes place.

What if it’s raining?

The only two conditions mobile windshield replacement companies ask for in regards to the rain are the following:

  1. That the car has been dry for at least one hour before they perform the service
  2. That the car is parked under a covered area so that it doesn’t get wet while they perform the service

These two conditions are necessary for the urethaneused to attach the new windshield to your carto seal properly.

How long will it take?

Windshield replacements often take less than one hour. However, if the frame is bent or damaged, the service can take longer than an hour. If possible, it is recommended you don’t drive your car for at least an extra hour after the service is completed.

Once again, this is so that the urethane seals correctly.

What other perks come with using to find windshield replacement companies that come to you?

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How to Find Windshield Replacement Companies that Come to You

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