11 February

How Auto Insurance Can Help Repair Your Windshield

By |February 11th, 2016|Glass Installations, Tips|

Note: This is a guest post from Auto Insurance Discounters.

Driving down the highway can be an exhilarating experience, which can be quickly ruined if a rock cracks your windshield. With people driving more than 10 billion miles across America as recently as November 2015, the chances of this mishap are more common than you might think. If your auto glass — such as your windshield, side window or sunroof — is damaged by an event other than a car accident, will your auto insurance cover the damages?

The answer lies in your insurance policy. If you have comprehensive coverage, you’re in luck! This type of car insurance can cover damages to your vehicle — including the glass — that did not occur as the result of a wreck. Your auto glass may be damaged from hail, weather damage, carjackers, vandals or even hitting a deer on the road. While collision coverage can help after an accident with another vehicle, comprehensive coverage can help in these other instances of glass damage.
How Your Deductible Factors In
It helps to know your deductible and to get an idea of how much the repair will cost. Generally speaking, comprehensive auto insurance may fully cover an auto glass repair without the need to pay your deductible, depending on the details of your policy. This may apply if your windshield has a small crack or chip that can be filled in with specialized resins by a professional auto glass company.

However, you will likely be responsible for paying your deductible if the whole piece of glass needs to be replaced. For instance, the only way to fix a shattered windshield is to replace it with an entirely new piece of glass, [...]

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    Glass.net Examines A Recent Google Report And Discovers That We’re Searching

25 September

Glass.net Examines A Recent Google Report And Discovers That We’re Searching

By |September 25th, 2015|Glass.net News|

Glass.net was created to connect local glass shops with consumers.  Part of that is finding high-quality shops that keep up with the latest in consumer safety and best practices.  Part of that is also helping educate consumers on glass safety and choosing the shop that’s best for their safety and budget.

The most vital part of this, is making sure this information is found both by possible shops that want to go through our sign-up process and join our network of approved providers, as well as being found by consumers who want competing local quotes.

Which is why we found this recent article on the top cars searched for on Google, to be fascinating.  

How did it stack up to our personal results on Glass.net?  And what does it say about people who are doing a general car search, versus those who just want their auto glass replaced?

We had a myriad of questions, and a real conclusion that was inspired by Google itself.  Today we wanted to share some of those thoughts and put an idea out there, hopefully for the right people.
Does Search Volume Reflect Ownership?
In the study by Topspeed.com we find that the country is basically divided by Toyota and Ford. There are a few anomalies that make enough of a ripple to be noted, such as the five states that are divided into both Subaru (we didn’t see that coming) and Toyota, the one state divided between Hyundai and Toyota (Florida–also unexpected), and the single state divided three ways by Toyota, Ford, and Nissan (Tennessee).

But for the most part, it really is just Toyota and Ford.

That’s only in Google search inquiry popularity, though.  What about vehicle ownership, as determined by Glass.net [...]

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